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    THẠC SĨ Materials accounting in nissei electric hanoi company

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  6. Materials accounting in nissei electric hanoi company

    Vietnam is in the wide and deep integration in all aspects. In there, economic integration is always the most interesting since it has a great effect on the society.
    Together with opportunities of export expansion to international market, getting a lot of investments from foreign enterprises, groups as well as individuals, we also face many challenges from integration. At present, goods from international market overflow into Vietnam market freely and almost all of them have more competitive advantages. In addition, growing numbers of foreign enterprises and groups set up their branches or companies in Vietnam and supply to domestic market. They have better characteristics by far than Vietnam such as: technology, capital, manufacture experiences, etc. If we do not research promptly to improve for higher quality, lower cost of products , definitely our market share will be reduced right in the domestic market.
    Recently, I have an opportunity of practicing in Nissei Electric Hanoi Company, studying their management system, enterprise culture and going into the details of materials accounting at accounting department. This is an export-processing company in the Nissei group, with 100% investment capital from Japan. Materials in Nissei Electric Hanoi Company are various and imported regularly for production. Materials play an important role and also make up a high cost in product price. Therefore, managing materials well is one of the most important issues of company. Nissei researched to create model management software has high integrated ability, together with confidential managers and a prompt working environment, they can manage company in general and materials in detail efficiently. They are new features that Vietnamese companies should follow and apply suitably to our companies.
    Thanks to the thesis “MATERIALS ACCOUNTING IN NISSEI ELECTRIC HANOI COMPANY”, I would like to present my opinion on materials accounting in Nissei and the model management system as well as Nissei culture thence I inferred some lessons for Vietnamese companies.
    The thesis includes three chapters:
    Chapter 1: General theory for materials accounting in productive enterprises.
    Chapter 2: Materials accounting in Nissei Electric Hanoi Company.
    Chapter 3: Suggestions to improve materials accounting in Nissei Electric Hanoi Company and lessons for Vietnamese companies.
    Because of the limitation of time and knowledge, mistakes are not avoided; I would like to receive contribution from readers for improvement of content as well as form for my thesis.
    Thanks a lot!

    1.1. Materials and materials accounting issues 3
    1.1.1. Definition and characteristic of materials 3
    1.1.2. Classification of materials 3 According to materials’ use 3 According to suppliers 4 According to purpose using 4
    1.1.3. Measurement of materials 4 Determine cost of materials stored 5 Determine cost of materials used 6
    1.1.4. Managing requirement and accounting duty for materials 9 Managing requirement for materials 9 Accounting duty for materials 10
    1.2. Materials accounting 10
    1.2.1. Detail accounting for materials 10 Parallel inventory cards method 12 Balance books recording method 12 Rotation collation books recording method 13
    1.2.2. Synthetic accounting for materials 14 Periodic inventory system 14 Perpetual inventory system 17
    1.2.3 Accounting for stock taking and revaluating of materials 20
    1.2.4. Provision for decline in materials 22
    1.2.5. Form of accounting books 23
    1.2.6. Accounting software for materials accounting 25

    2.1. Nissei group and Nissei Electric Hanoi Co.,Ltd 27
    2.1.1. Nissei group 27
    2.1.2. Nissei Electric Hanoi Company 30 The foundation and development process of the company 30 The characteristic of producing organization 31 The characteristic of management of the company 34 The characteristic of accounting system of N.E.H 37
    2.2. Materials accounting in N.E.H 41
    2.2.1. Accounts used for materials accounting 41
    2.2.2. Characteristic and management of materials in N.E.H 42
    2.2.3. Materials accounting at the beginning of month 46
    2.2.4. Procedures for increment of materials in N.E.H 49
    2.2.5. Cost of materials stored and examples 51
    2.2.6. Materials accounting at the end of month 61
    2.2.7. Some special transactions 66
    2.2.8. Materials accounting books 69
    3.1. Suggestions to improve materials accounting in N.E.H 72
    3.1.1. Opinions of materials accounting in N.E.H 72 Management system 72 Materials management 73 BPCS software 74
    3.1.2. Suggestion to improve materials accounting in N.E.H 80 Classification and management of materials 80 Documents and reports 81 Other general solutions for N.E.H 81
    3.2. Lessons for Vietnamese enterprises 81
    3.2.1. Deploying ERP system in Vietnamese enterprises 81
    3.2.2. Contribute enterprise culture with ERP 83
    3.2.3. Lesson for materials accounting and management of materials 85

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