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Selling activities of Ha Trung Plastic Technology JSC

Viet Nam ‘s effort to restructure the economy really got underway with the Sixth Party Congress held in December 1986. Our economic structure mechanism was really changed from planned market oriented economy to market oriented economy. Then Vietnam's membership in the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) and entry into force of the US-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement in December 2001 have led to even more rapid changes in Vietnam's trade and economic regime. Following over a decade long negotiation process, Viet Nam became the official one of members of WTO in January 2007. The economy have moved to implement the structural reforms needed to modernize itself and to support more competitive, export-driven industries. This fast economic development results that the main target of every Vietnamese enterprises is how to complete with other domestic and foreign enterprises.

Getting to know of the importance of changing, during probation period at Ha Trung Plastic Technology Joint Stock Company( Ha Trung JSC), I have decided to choose the subject “Selling activities of Ha Trung Plastic Technology JSC” for my graduation thesis.

In my view, this is interesting subject. Many researchers is trying to research and set up detail marketing plans as well as selling plans for their own product.

I would like to thank my supervisor Nguyen Luong Long MBA for his coaching and comments during the carrying out of thesis. Without the intensive assistance of my supervisor the results of this thesis would never have been possible.
Further, I would like to thank all professors of Hanoi University of Business and Technology and Managers of Ha Trung JSC for their support and kindness toward me.

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