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    LUẬN VĂN Analysis of Hotels in Hanoi

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  6. Analysis of Hotels in Hanoi

    Analysis of Hotels in Hanoi
    The assignment of English course 5A is Analysis of Hotels in Hanoi. This is the very important and helpful assignment for us - the student in Faculty of Tourism. It is a good opportunity for all students to practice necessary skills, such as: researching from various sources, organizing and analyzing information, and report writing in English.

    In this assignment, our group has to analyzing of hotel industry in Hanoi and choosing one typical hotel among them. Thank for the helping of the teacher, finally, we chose Melia Hanoi Hotel - a foreign hotel. Information in the assignment is gathered from internet, books, newspapers and some of them from previous assignments After researching together, we start sharing work among group member. To finish this assignment we work in group of four, Pham Thi Huong Trang is responsible for Introduction, Conclusion and Suggestion; Introduction of hotel industry in Hanoi is writen by Hoang Thi Thu Thuy. Bui Thi Yen; Nguyen Quang Minh did Current performance of hotels in Hanoi. During working process, all members have to connect with others to ensure the uniformity of project.

    This assignment helps us gain more knowledge in hotels industry of Hanoi in general and in Melia Hanoi Hotel in particular as well as improving their team working spirit.

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