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    LUẬN VĂN Leadership Lessons of the Navy Seals

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  6. Leadership Lessons of the Navy Seals

    Leadership Lessons of the Navy Seals
    The SEALs moved quietly along the main deck, around funnels and hoisting cranes, until they approached the pilothouse. One hatch on the pilothouse had not been welded shut, but it had been bolted on the inside. The SEALs surveyed the structure and then announced to whoever was inside that they were on board. They demanded that the hatch be opened. They were ignored.There was an outside chance that these were innocent civilian merchants; if they had not been, the SEALs would have blown through the walls immediately. Instead, they kept their weapons pointed toward the structure while they unpacked their manual cutting devices. The crew inside could be heard chattering nervously, but they still refused to open the door. In a few moments, their protests were irrelevant. They were in restraints. Their master was being questioned. The vessel had been stopped just short of Iranian waters. Soon, its contents would be offloaded and the hull would be auctioned off in Mombasa or Dubai
    Table of Contents

    Leadership Lessons of the Navy Seals—BattleưTested Strategies for Creating Successful

    Organizations and Inspiring Extraordinary Results 1
    Preface: The Quiet Professionals 3
    Who Are the Seals? .3
    Introduction 5
    The Way It Is 5
    Right Now, You Are Floundering .6
    How Did You Get into This Mess? .6
    Don’t Worry—These Techniques Were Tested . in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Silicon
    Alley 7
    This Is Not a Book for Cowboys and Wannabes—It’s for People Who Are Willing to Work 8
    Wake Up 9
    How to Use This Book .9
    Chapter 1: Setting Goals .11
    The Way it is 11
    Lesson 1 Choose a Path or Take Your Chances .11
    The Mission 11
    The TakeưAway .13
    Lesson 2 Get Specific When You Define Your Problem 13
    The Mission 14
    The TakeưAway .14
    Lesson 3 When You Can’t Get from A to B, Go to C .15
    The Mission 15
    The TakeưAway .16
    Lesson 4 Your Specific Problem Defines Your Mission .17
    The Mission 17
    The TakeưAway .18
    Lesson 5 Plan Ahead—Prepare for a New Situation That Has Not Yet Been Identified .18
    The Mission 18
    The TakeưAway .19
    Lesson 6 Build Your Goal around a Problem, Not the Other Way Around 20
    The Mission 20
    The TakeưAway .20
    Lesson 7 Avoid Creating a Capability and Then Looking for a Mission to Justify It .21
    The Mission 21
    The TakeưAway .22
    Lesson 8 Define Mission Success .

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