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    LUẬN VĂN Leadership For The Common Good

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  6. Leadership For The Common Good

    Leadership For The Common Good
    Several times over the last few years, we’ve asked ourselves about our own call to leadership in a world beset by unprecedented challenges and crises, from the AIDS pandemic to global warming to the destruction and fear wrought by terrorism and state responses to it. We have joined particular initiatives to respond to these challenges, but we always return to the conviction that our best contribution is teaching and writing about how the world’s citizens can work together for the common good in their organizations and communities.

    Preface xiii

    Acknowledgments xxv

    The Authors xxix

    Part One: Understanding Leadership in Shared-Power Settings 1
    1 When No One Is in Charge: The Meaning of Shared Power 3
    2 Leadership Tasks in a Shared-Power World:
    Leadership in Context, and Personal Leadership 34
    3 Leadership Tasks in a Shared-Power World:
    Team and Organizational Leadership 64
    4 Leadership Tasks in a Shared-Power World:
    Visionary, Political, and Ethical Leadership 108
    5 Policy Entrepreneurship and the Common Good 156

    Part Two: The Process of Policy Entrepreneurship 195
    6 Forging an Initial Agreement to Act 197
    7 Developing an Effective Problem Definition to Guide Action 216
    8 Searching for Solutions in Forums 242
    9 Developing a Proposal That Can Win in Arenas 267
    10 Adopting Policy Proposals 290
    11 Implementing and Evaluating New Policies, Programs, and Plans 312

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