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    THẠC SĨ Information Technology for Business Assignment I

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  6. Information Technology for Business Assignment I

    Table Contents
    2.1. Financial Service . 3
    2.1.1. Introduction about VietinBank 3
    2.1.2. Products and Services . 4
    2.1.3. Benefit of information system . 4
    2.1.4. Future plan . 6
    2.2. Healthcare 7
    2.2.1. Introduction about Vietnam – France Hospital . 7
    2.2.2. Products and Services . 7
    2.2.3. Benefit of information system . 7
    2.2.4. Future plan . 8
    2.3. Retail 9
    2.3.1. Introduction about SaiGon Co-op Mart 9
    2.3.2. Products and services 9
    2.3.3. Benefit of information system . 9
    2.3.4. Future plan . 11
    2.4. Telecommunication 11
    2.4.1. Introduction about FPT telecom 11
    2.4.2. Products and services 11
    2.4.3. Benefit of information system . 12
    2.4.4. Future plan . 13
    3. CONCLUSION 13
    4. REFERENCES 14

    Since the advent of the Internet on a commercial scale in the 80s and 90s has brought revolution
    in business management. With the cornerstone of Internet, information technology has made
    fundamental changes in the market competition and leaded to changes in management and
    operation of organization. Any organizations have to use information technology to increase
    competitive advantage and achieve objectives of business strategies. They use information
    technology as a competitive tool to create market influence. There are many types of technology
    systems such as People Soft (human resource management), the fingerprint time lock, enterprise
    resource planning (ERP) or open source and cloud computing. In this assignment, I will focus on
    4 typical industries which apply information technologies in their business activities: financial
    services – VietinBank, healthcare - Vietnam – France hospital, retail – Sai Gon Co-op Mart,
    telecommunication – FPT telecom.
    2.1. Financial services
    2.1.1. Introduction about VietinBank
    VietinBank – Vietnam joint stock commercial bank for industry and trade which was established
    on March 26 1988 is one of the largest commercial banks in Vietnam
    . Up to now, VietinBank
    has become a prestige and quality bank over the whole nation. Accessing to the website
    http://www.vietinbank.vn/, we will have more information of the company. VietinBank has expanded
    the trade network in 56 provinces and cities in Vietnam with 1 transaction centers, 149 branches,
    4 subsidiaries, 3 administrative and over 1000 Automatic telling machines (ATMs). Moreover,
    VietinBank has agency arrangements with over 900 banks, financial institution of more 90
    countries and territories around the world
    . VietinBank is also the official member of Vietnam’s
    banker association, Asian bankers association, etc.
    2.1.2. Products and services
    Understanding clearly mission, all activities’
    innovative, professional, conscientious, explicit and modern. With the slogan “Improving the
    values of life”, VietinBank always hopes that they make customers satisfied with the quality of
    goods and services and professional service
    All products and services of VietinBank are aimed at individuals who are citizens of Vietnam and
    corporate which are working in Vietnam. All through over 20 years, VietinBank has provided
    customers with many high product
    are capital mobilization, loan, guarantee, overseas remittance, E
    and services.
    2.1.3. Benefit of information system
    In Vietnam, there are over 60 bank including joint sto
    capital bank
    . Therefore, to be able to survive in the environment bank, VietinBank realizes that
    technology development is very important for the bank if they want to approach the customer and
    manage the bank easily. Information system in VietinBank has separated clearly and protected
    seriously. Information system is interacted by hardware, software, a network, procedures and
    people. Information technology has brought many benefits for customer and the bank. Nowadays,
    customers need to do everything in a simple and quick but exact way. Bank is awarded of
    customer’s need and has developed their information technologies. All transactions in
    VietinBank with customers are performed by computer. It takes a little time to co
    transaction. VietinBank tries to make all banks’ act in automation.

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