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    THẠC SĨ Information Technology for Business Assignment I (4)

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  6. Information Technology for Business Assignment I (4)

    Table contents
    Introduction 3
    Vietinbank 3
    1. The introduction of the company . 3
    2. The customer 3
    3. Information system with Vietinbank 3
    3.1 Website, and Software 3
    3.2 ERP System . 4
    3.3 Core Banking . 4
    Application of Core Banking 5
    4. The future plan of Vietinbank 5
    An Khang Clinic 5
    1. An Khang’s introduction and the customers . 5
    2. Information system in An Khang Clinic- ‘e-clinic’ . 6
    3. Future Plan of An Khang Clinic . 7
    BigC Supermarket 7
    1. The introduction of BigC 7
    2. The customers of BigC 7
    3. The information system applied in BigC 8
    3.1 ERP System . 8
    3.2 Barcode scanner 8
    3.3 Website . 8
    3.4Intelligent Parking . 8
    4. The future of information system in BigC . 10
    Viettel Telecom Company 10
    1. The introduction . 10
    2. Viettel’s customers 10
    3. Information system . 11
    3.1 Website . 11
    3.2 VnTopup and USSD . 11
    3.3 BCCS And ePos 11
    4. Future plan 12
    Conclusion . 12
    Appendix . 12

    Information system is an essential part of almost all the organizations in the world today,
    especially in these industries: financial service, healthcare service, retailer and
    telecommunication. Four organizations which I will focus are Vietinbank, Nguyen Van Minh
    dental clinic, BigC supermarket and Viettel Telecom. In Vietinbank, information system is
    showed by its website, software status, ERP system, core banking system and application of core
    banking system. E-clinic is applied in An Khang Clinic as an effective tool. ERP, barcode
    scanner, website, and intelligent parking management are parts of information system which are
    applied in BigC supermarket. Finally, Viettel Telecom’s websites, Anypay top-up, BCCS system
    and ePos will be mentioned.
    Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and
    Trade (Vietinbank)
    1. The introduction of the company
    Vietinbank was established after being separated from the State Bank of Vietnam. It is the
    official member of some organizations such as Vietnam’s Banker Association, Asian Banker’s
    Association, and Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), Visa
    International Services Association. Vietinbank is the first Vietnamese bank that open branches in
    Europe, marks the high development of Vietnamese finance in the regional market and the
    . Vietinbank has some main activities: raising capital, lending, investment, guarantee,
    payment and trade finance, card and electronic banking, funds, and other activities
    2. The customer
    Vietinbank is one of the big banks in Vietnam with the large number of customer. Potential
    customers of Vietinbank are the companies and organizations, individuals at various services.
    Especially, Vietinbank associates with many other organizations to provide many services to
    customers. As can be seen, Vietinbank is targeting many different customers.
    3. Information system with Vietinbank
    3.1 Website, and Software
    ITC101- Information Technology for Business
    With the development of modern technology, information system (IS) is becoming more and
    more important with many fields, especially financial service. So be aware that, Vietinbank
    focuses so much on information system. Website www.vietinbank.vn is one of the channels that
    help Vietinbank access to customers and improve its image. Through website, people know many
    services of Vietinbank, its activities and general information. Like many organizations, computer
    is an essential part of Vietinbank. Thesaigontimes.vn said that Vietinbank had purchased 7000
    Microsoft Office Standard 2007 for installation to workstations on the network of Vietinbank.
    With the advice of Microsoft and Intel, the end of 2004 this bank was converted from a Sun
    Solaris operating system to Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system. Vietinbank was deployed
    on a national scale of Microsoft products like Windows Server 2003 Active Directory, IPSec,
    Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 and Microsoft Systems
    Management Server
    3.2 ERP System
    Additionally, since 2011, Vietinbank used the system of internal financial management ERP to
    serve for the internal financial operations of Vietinbank, including seven modules: general ledger;
    management of account payable; management of account receivable; contract management (PO);
    assets management (FO); management tools; manage print inventory management, warehousing
    imported raw materials and prints. This system helps Vietinbank manage synchronously,
    scenically and closely all the details related to the internal expenses of the bank. This system not
    only operates independently as a tool for financial accounting but also be integrated with the
    Incas systems, financial management (planning, financial analysis, risk prevention), Information
    Management reporting, human resources management and payroll, which form the overall picture
    on the business activities of Vietinbank
    3.3 Core Banking
    As can be seen, information system in banking is divided into 2 parts: core banking and
    applications connected to core banking. Therefore, Core Banking is very important. According
    to website webnganhang.com, Vietinbank uses Silver Lake SIBS Axis as its core banking
    . This core banking system helps Vietinbank manage its activities and it makes customers
    feel easier to transact and join other services of Vietinbank. Instead of going to the branch that
    you registry your atm card or deposit to withdrawal, now you can do it in every branch of
    Vietinbank in everywhere. Customers can enjoy more utilities because of core banking system.

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