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    THẠC SĨ Information Technology for Business Assignment I (5)

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  6. Information Technology for Business Assignment I (5)

    1. CITY ZOO STORE .2
    1.1. Introduction of City zoo store 2
    1.2. Type of business carried out and its target customers 2
    1.3. How information system has helped its business grow 3
    1.4. Future plans .4
    2. VIETTEL .5
    2.1 Introduction of Viettel 5
    2.2 Type of business carried out and its target customers .5
    2.3 How information system has helped its business grow . 5
    2.4 Future plans 6
    3. AGRIBANK .7
    3.1 Introduction of Agribank . 7
    3.2 Type of business carried out and its target customers 7
    3.3 How information system has helped its business grow 7
    3.4 Future plans . 8
    4.1 Introduction of Viet Germany hospital .10
    4.2 Type of business carried out and its target customers 10
    4.3 How information system has helped its business grow 10
    4.4 Future plans .10

    I. Introduction
    In the modern life, the development of technology brings about many benefits to companies. It
    drives our life into a new way: more convenient, easier etc. It not only affect individual but also
    change the way organizations carry out their business. In my assignment,in order to have a wider
    overview of information systems applied in companies as well as its functions and many
    advantages, we are going to research about the situation of information systems in the
    development and successes of four companies: Viettel, Agribank, City zoo store and Viet
    Germany hospital. We desire to find how they applied IS in their business.
    II. Finding
    1. City zoo – the chains of production for pets:
    1.1 Introduction about City zoo store:
    City zoo is a store specializing in providing products for animals like dogs, cats, hamsters,
    rabbits. All products are about food, clothes, shampoos, nutritional medicine, toys, beds and
    houses for dogs and cats, etc It is known as the largest retailer in the Northern area. A store‟s
    address is at 114A, XuanDieu Street. Specially, there are so many foreigners living and working
    here, so their demand to raise a pet is so high. That is why the city zoo is a reliable place to take
    care of their pets.
    ITC 101
    1.2 Type of business carried out and its target customers
    I do part-time job at City Zoo about 6 months and I see great thing here is that the retail system
    through their computer. Before doing part time job at City Zoo, I have did at a clothes store in a
    fashion street – CauGiay. Honestly, I have many bad memories at this store when even they live
    in 21st century; they still manage to sell, import, and check inventory by rudimentary. I mean
    doing process by hand writing. It is so hard to write each product we sold in a notebook and when
    we got mistakes in writing process, we did need to erase them. I mean it looks dirty and not
    1.3 How information system has helped its business grow
    Going back to City Zoo store, they use information system in retail to manage all products they
    sold already, to check inventory, to keep patrons‟ information to sell off to them, to retain of cash
    revenues, payment of cash, etc I will talk more details about this system right now.
    Firstly, this retail system is really easy to use. It is divided into two vertical and horizontal
    toolbars. In the horizontal toolbars, it includes: Manu, help, report
    For example, when customers come to store and buy something like dog‟s food, and shampoos.
    We open category named: “Selling in day” in the 1st place at vertical toolbar, click into “Quick
    selection” then writing these products code into space: “Enter products”. The prices of these
    products will be showed immediately and if this is a discounted item, we put a number (5%, 10%
    or 15%) to discount in the space named: “Discounted” below, the prices will change and we need
    not to calculate as before in the past. After that, we click double enter to save data. There are easy
    steps to sell one or many products just by typing and clicking enter. It is different from the ways
    to sell products in the past.
    Talking about selling in the past, to know how many items that they sold per day and month, after
    selling, they write down in a notebook the product name, code and price. Looking back
    nowadays, all things we do is tying then data will be saved in a “Report” catalog in the horizontal
    toolbars, select “Report selling per day” to check the profit at that moment or choose day to day
    ITC 101
    to check money that we sold in a period of time. Finish a day, we aggregate sales, print it and
    keep that receipt with money selling per day.
    Besides, if you want to know how many inventories that you still have, you just to click in
    “Report inventory” and know what and how many products that you have instead of checking by
    hand in warehouses.
    When we import products, we will check by hand items code, quantity, price in a paper to make
    sure they are consistent with the number of products, which transfer from warehouse. After that,
    we enter data into retail system. Then we can check all quantity and price of products in store.
    An important part in selling is how to remember and manage the money to spend on fees such as:
    electricity, water, rental store, tax, driver shipping, etc In the past, only way we could do was
    wring note. That was unlucky if we could lose it. In the future, we can keep information in that
    retail system by select “payment bills”, writing who do you pay for? What is reason? How much
    are you paying? And pay by cash, and the last step is choosing save button.
    At the end of month, we can check all profits that we have in “report” part and check products
    that we sold. Besides, we can know which products we lost, or mistakes in typing wrongly code.
    Furthermore, we can fix it easily. [1]
    1.4 Future plans
    City zoo store already have own website but it is not work as well as they want at the moment.
    Therefore, in the future, they will improve their website by hiring a web designer create one for
    them. Moreover, they will hire a search engine optimizer to attain a high ranking in major search
    engines like Google.com in order to help their search engine optimizer by creating keywords that
    best describe their pet supply products and offerings. [2]

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