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    THẠC SĨ Social network for student job market

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  6. Social network for student job market

    Tables of Contents
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    Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION . 1
    1.1 Motivation . 1
    1.2 Contribution and Thesis Overview . 1
    Chapter 2 RELATED WORK 3
    2.1 Basic Knowledge 3
    2.2 Related Work 4
    3.1. System Analysis 8
    3.2. Database Design 12
    3.3 System Module . 21
    4.1 Platform and technology . 24
    4.2 User Interface 27
    Chapter 5 CONCLUSIONS . 38
    References 39

    The purpose of this study was to investigate to build a website that acts as a social
    network for students and manager of companies. The website provides environment
    for students to test knowledge and skills. It also helps managers as a channel for
    contacting students in easy way. Another aim was to build a big and plentiful data
    source of multiple choice questions by contributing from manager users of system.
    Finally, the process of building a website was pointed out.
    To accomplish, software development process was applied to build a website. The
    first step, system requirements specification was done. There were many requirements
    they consisted of functional and non-functional requirements listed. The second,
    database was analyzed and designed. The website used MySQL – an open source
    relation database management system – to manage database. The works of collecting
    data have been started when database was created. The third, website was designed
    layout and implemented. The CakePHP framework was used as platform for
    developing. The fourth, from the first version to existing version were tested and tried
    by my classmates they helped me point out system logic errors and graphical user
    interface errors. The works of upgrading and errors correcting were consecutively
    done. The website could be applied in fact from existing version but it still has been
    upgrading and developing with more function.
    The results of this study were a powerful website with many functions and friendly
    user interface. The database was also contributed more than 200 multiple choice
    questions. Besides, finishing this project gave me more experiences and skills for
    website development as well as system development. I also enriched my knowledge
    and tried solve problems in fact.

    Chapter 1
    1.1 Motivation
    Nowadays, information technology is applied in large range of real life from
    economics, education, healthcare, agriculture to geotechnical, military, Astronomers.
    It helps people not only in communication but also solve complicated problems.
    Power of information technology is uncompromising. Trying to use benefit of
    information technology is always making more benefits.
    In higher education, on the last year at university, most of students must find
    internship address to practice as a required subject. In my school, University of
    Engineering and Technology, students face many difficulties in work finding
    appropriate address as well as how easy to contact with manager of companies or
    supervisors. Besides, many companies also face with difficulties about how to find
    excellent candidates and how to contact them in convenient way.
    From this fact, we have developed a system call “Internship Social Network” for
    students and manager of companies to solve these problems. System enables managers
    to public their company notices and reports. Besides, managers could also add
    questions to system. Student users could take part in exam that generated by system
    and get points from this work. These point values could be useful information for
    managers to choose appropriate students for their work.
    1.2 Contribution and Thesis Overview
    This thesis describes about process building a website call “Internship Social
    Network” using framework CakePHP. Website provides environment for student who
    want to find companies to intern and for manager of companies to find student who is
    suitable for job. Website acts as a social network and a contest tool. Students after
    signing up and update profile could take part in examination to test their knowledge.
    Managers after sign up and update profile could post notice about recruitment and
    report about results of last recruitment as well as contributing question to system.
    Website is designed for a moderate volume of users. I have integrated FCK Editor in

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