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    TIẾN SĨ Human resource development (HRD) practices in Bac Thang Long and Nam Thang Long industrial Parks bas

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  6. Human resource development (HRD) practices in Bac Thang Long and Nam Thang Long industrial Parks bas

    Luận án tiến sĩ năm 2013
    Đề tài: Human resource development (HRD) practices in Bac Thang Long and Nam Thang Long industrial Parks: bases for a comprehensive HRD program for industrial Parks in Vietnam
    Thực trạng phát triển nguồn nhân lực tại khu công nghiệp Bắc Thăng Long và Nam Thăng Long: Cơ sở xây dựng chương trình phát triển nguồn nhân lực toàn diện cho các Khu công nghiệp ở Việt Nam
    Luận án được trình bày bằng tiếng Anh

    Page No.
    Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION 1
    1.1. Background .2
    1.2. Statement of the Problem 3
    1.3. Objectives of the Research 4
    1.4. Significances of the Research .5
    1.5. Scope and Delimitation 5
    1.6. Definition of terms 6
    2.1. Literature Review 8
    2.2. Review of Related Studies. 20
    2.3 Conceptual Framework . 22
    Chapter 3: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY . 23
    3.1. Research Design . 23
    3.2. Locale of the study . 23
    3.3. Data collection method 23
    3.4. Population, Sample and Sampling Technique . 24
    3.5. Research Instrument . 26
    3.6. Procedures for conducting the survey 26
    3.7. Statistical Treatment . 27
    OF DATA 28
    4.1. Profiles of respondents 28
    4.2. Perceptions on training .33
    4.3. Comprehensive HRD Program . 50
    5.1. Summary of Findings . 57
    5.2. Conclusion 59
    5.3. Recommendation . 60

    Human Resources Development (HRD) as a theory is activities for the expansion of
    human capital within an organization through the development of both the organization and
    the individual to achieve performance improvement.
    Bac Thang Long and Nam Thang Long industrial parks are two large industrial
    Zones in Hanoi with a hundred of companies are operating; the companies in there have
    achieved great successes in their business so far. However, the companies are also facing
    challenges related to human resources. For that reason the study: "Human resource
    development (HRD) practices in Bac Thang Long and Nam Thang Long industrial
    Parks: bases for a comprehensive HRD program for industrial Parks in Vietnam” was
    The study aims to identify aspects of the real situation of human resource
    development in Bac Thang Long and Nam Thang Long industrial Parks. The study
    answered the questions of What is the profile of the respondents at both industrial Parks in
    terms of: Age, Gender, Educational level, Position; What are the human resource
    development practices of the foreign companies and Vietnam companies in terms of
    Training; Which of the HRD practices were perceived to be acceptable and common
    among group of respondents; What HRD program can be developed as bases of
    implementing HRD practices in industrial parks.
    From analysis, training and development proposal along with a comprehensive
    HRD program.

    Chapter 1
    To develop an economy that requires the resources: capital, science - technology,
    natural resources and manpower; to grow rapidly and sustainably it should be based on
    three basic elements: apply new technologies, development of modern infrastructure and
    improve the quality of human resources.
    The socio-economic development depends on many factors, and conditions, but
    most remain largely dependent on human factors, compare with other resources, the human
    resource is more dominant. Therefore, more than any other resources, human resource
    always occupies the central location and play leading role in socio-economic development
    of the country, especially in the promoting period of industrialization modernization and
    international economic integration.
    The exploitation and utilization of human resource effectively is extremely
    important issue, human resource should promote the diversity and abundance of Eastern
    cultural traditions such as hospitality, the talent, intellectual, science . However so far, the
    important potentials have not been exploited fully, properly and may have not used
    Today, when the world enters the intellectual economic, the problem of talent is a
    critical issue, because talented people are the nucleus of intellectual economy. Although
    talented people at any time is always important, but nowadays it is even more important
    than ever, To take a short-cut and leader in the development it must have advanced human
    resource, not to forget talented people and not to waste human resource. Therefore,
    countries should actively plan, create sources, training and retraining of human resources to
    develop most effectively
    For Vietnam, is in the modernization and industrialization process, many industrial
    zones and export processing zones have been established and attracted millions of
    employees working inside that promoted the country‟s economic growth. However, the
    industrial zones are facing some difficulties; one of them regards to human resource,
    workforce has not satisfied requirements yet, because of low trained percentage,
    Government's report in 2009 said: "The quality of human resources of Vietnam today is
    low; the percentage of trained labor reaches only a bout 38%." Therefore, if it would be
    trained that will be the resources with strong impact on growth and economic development
    of the country.
    For company, in the strong competitive environment, many companies have paid
    attention to training and human resource development, because human resource is the basis
    for existence and development of the company. Through training that can provide skilled
    staff for the company to accomplish tasks given and also increase productivity. Moreover,
    along with advance in technique – technology requires company has to train a team of hiskilled, hi-tech and creative staff to handle complex problems which they can not do
    before. Beside, in market economy, companies compete by using knowledgeable, highly
    skilled and creative human resource in production. That makes human resource
    development in companies increased rapidly as today.
    1.1. Background of study
    Bac Thang Long and Nam Thang Long industrial Parks are located in Hanoi city,
    since found they have gained a lot of successes but also cope with challenge of human

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