Bài tập thì quá khứ đơn
I. Hoàn thành đoạn báo sau:
Two people died (die) in a fire in Ellis Street, Oldport yesterday morning. They (1) .(be) Herbert and Molly Paynter, a couple in their seventies. The fire (2) (start) at 3.20 am. A neighbour, Mr Aziz, (3) (see) the flames and (4) (call) the fire brigade. He also (5) . (try) to get into the house and rescue his neighbours, but the heat (6) (be ) too great . The fire brigade (7) (arrive) in five minutes. Twenty fire-fighters (8) (fight) the fire and finally (9) . ( b r i n g ) i t under control. Two fire-fighters (10) (enter) the burning building but (11) (find) the couple dead.
II. Hoàn thành đoạn hội thoại sau:
Claire:Did you have (you / have) a nice weekend in Paris?
Mark: Yes, thanks. It was good. We looked around and then we saw a show.
(1) . (we / not / try) to do too much.
Claire: What sights (2) . (you / see)?
Mark: We had a look round the Louvre. (3) . (I / not / know) there was so much in there.
Claire: And what show (4) . (you / go) to?
Mark: Oh, a musical. I forget the name. (5) . (I / not / like) it.
Claire: Oh, dear. And (6) (Sarah / enjoy) it?
Mark: No, not really. But we enjoyed the weekend. Sarah did some shopping, too, but
(7) . (I / not / want) to go shopping.

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