Bài tập word form
1. The company has decided to withdraw from some of its. (sponsor)
2. Over 30000 will run in the New York marathon. (compete)
3. The play group provides plenty of for the children (stimulate)
4. The negotiation was attended by of several states (represent)
5. The scheme aims to encourage increased . in sporting activities (participate)
6. The survey was based on direct . of over 500 schools (observe)
7. I felt extremely when we lost (appoint)
8. She finds writing poetry deeply .(satisfy)
9. The teacher's comment are designed to help improve your . (know and understand)
10. The of further job losses come at a bad time (announce)
11. They ỏganized a party ., . of the year's successes (celebrate)
12. The 50th wedding anniversary is called the anniversary (gold)
13. After they got ., she never remarried (divorce)
14. We wish them every . in their new life (happy)
15. The lighting in the room is functional as well as (decorate)
16. The postponed the race because of heavy snow (organize)
17. We're having a small family . to mark our wedding anniversary (gather)
18. The food was good but the was very slow (serve)
19. I have no . of changing jobs (intend)
20. nobody in the office had received an to the party (invite)
21. Mike is very happy because his application for a has been accepted (schorlar)
22. In the era of developement and intergration, there is a great demand for skillful in our country (technical)
23. The low wages and the poor working conditions caused great among workers(satisfy)
24. His health was seriously affected and he suffered from constant . (sleep)
25. She prefers wearing clothes made of cotton in hot weather (absorb)
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