Đề thi Tiếng Anh bằng B1 Châu Âu
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Section 1:
Complete the following sentences by writing a, b, c, or d on the Answer Sheet.
The huge machines the stones to make gravel for the new road.
a. crushed b. made c. broke d. ground
2. In the 1800s the owner of a chocolate factory in England that sugar removed the bitter taste of cacao.
a. discovery b. discovered c. had discovered d. had been discovered
3. Paris is called the City of Light because many of its buildings are illuminated at night.
a. history b. historical c. historic d. historically
4. Newspaper are often written in a hurry.
a. books b. stories c. pictures d. articles
5. The two parties both spent millions of dollars on their campaigns.
a. political b. politics c. politician d. politically
6. Inflation dropped to its .level in 30 years.
a. lowest b. lower c. low d. lowly
Scientists estimate that smoking life expectancy by around 12 years on average.
a. reduces b. reduce c. reducing d. reduced
There is fierce .between the three leading soap manufacturers.
a. competitive b. competition c. competing d. competitor
9. A lack of formal will limit your job opportunities.
a. educated b. education c. educating d. educator
10. Her baby was born . two o’clock yesterday afternoon.
a. in b. at c. on d. under

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