1. I .Louisiana state University.
A-am attending B-attend C-was attending D-attended
2. He has been selling motorcycles
A-ten years ago B-since ten years C-for ten years ago D-for ten years
3. Columbus .America more then 400 years ago.
A-discovered B-has discovered C-had discovered D-he has gone
4. He fell down when he towards the church.
A-run B-runs C-was running D-had run
5. We .there when our father died.
A-still lived B-lived still C-was still living D-were still living
6. They .pingpong when their father comes back home.
A- will play B-will be playing C-play D-would play
7. By Christmas, I for you for 6 months.
A-Shall have been working B-shall work
C-have been working D-shall be working
8. I .in the room now.
A-am being B-was being C-have been being D-am
9. I to New york three times this year.
A-have been B-was C-were D-had been
10. I will come and see you before I for America.
A-leave B-will leave C-have left D-shall leave
11. The little girl asked what to her friend.
A-has happened B-happened C-had happened D-would have been happened
12. John a book when I saw him.
A-is reading B-read C-was reading D-reading
13. He said he .return later.
A-will B-would C-can D-would be
14. Jack the door.
A-has just opened B-open C-will have opened D-opening
15. I have been waiting for you .
A-since early morning B-since 9 a.m C-for two hours D-all are correct
16. My sister .for you since yesterday.
A- is looking B-was looking C-has been looking D-looked
17. Jack the door.
A-has just painted B-paint C-will have painted D-painting
18. The train half an hour.
A-has been leaving B-left C-has lelt D-had lelt
19. We Doris since last Sunday.
A-don’t see B-haven’t seen C-didn’t see D-hadn’t seen
20. When I last saw him, he .in London.
A-has lived B-is living C-was living D-has been living

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