I. Choose the most suitable words underlined.
1. Jim promised that he would never/ never would he tell anyone else.
2. Not until it was too late I remembered / did I remember I call Susan.
3. Hardly had we settle down in our seats than/when the lights went out.
4. Only after checking three times I was/was I certain of the answer.
5. At no time I was aware/was I aware of anything out of usual.
6. Only Mary sang Sally passed/ did they pass the final examination.
7. So the waves were high/ So high were the waves that swimming was dangerous.
8. Only when Peter has arrived / has Peter arrived can we begin the program.
9. No sooner had it stopped raining than/when the sun came out.
10. If should you leave early/ should you leave early could you leave me a lift?
II. Rewrite these sentences, using NEVER.
1. She has never been so happy before.

2. I have never heard such nonsense!

3. I have never seen such a mess in my life.

4. Our profits this year are higher than they have ever been.

5. She would never again trust her own judgment when buying antiques.

6. The firm has never before laid on such a sumptuous celebration.

7. I’ve never come across such a horrifying film.

8. I have never been so moved by a Shakespeare production.

9. I never for one moment thought the consequences would be so far- reaching.

10. I had never tasted such a wonderful combination of flavors before.

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