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    THẠC SĨ Digital map of danang university of science and technology

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  6. Digital map of danang university of science and technology

    Digital map is not a new concept. It had been built in many personal, hand-held de-vices. It helps in improving living conditions and solving some life-issues. Developing the digital-map of DUT is necessary. Under our supervisor’s guidance, we have finished this project. Our aim is spreading the DUT’s reputation to people as more as possible.
    This application still need a lot of works, but we’ve succeeded in building- up basic functions. This application is supported multi-platforms: Web, IOS and Android for better user experience.
    1 Introduction
    1.1 Background and Context
    With the development of information technology, solving the daily problemshas be-come “digitalized”. It means that only with a computer or a smart-phone connected to the Internet, you can easily solve the problems quickly and accurately through one or more specific applications. “Digital Map” is one great app that allows users to view maps, locations, find the directions . It brings convenience to users in daily life and work. On today’s web, mapping solutions are a classic method. We use them to get the location of things, the orientation, and to do numerous other things. Most information have location, and if something has a location, it can be displayed on a map.
    However, not anywhere gets a “Digital Map” for itself. And DUT is such a place. We found that, with the large campus of DUT, finding the halls, rooms in the campus isn’t easy for those new to the DUT, even for students who have followed 3 to 4 years in this university. The fact that many students, even graduated to the University of Tech-nology, didn’t know how many halls does the DUT have, how many floors of a hall, . Moreover, finding out information about the function, location, . the area, rooms in the school are also very limited. Therefore, we decided to build the Digital Map of DaNang University of Science and Technology Application for mobile platform and website platform.
    1.2 Scope and Objectives
    The problem posed is to build a map of the University of Technology with the follow-ing basic functions:
    ã Show the map of DUT
    ã Show the information of the halls: hall’s name, number of floor
    ã Search the information
    ã Find the location
    ã Find the direction
    We built this app on iOS, Android and the Web platform. This means that users who uses smartphones and PCs could easily access our application.
    1.3 Overview of Dissertation
    This thesis is organized as follows.
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    This chapter describes the background of the system, the scope and objectives of it, the goals and structure of this thesis.
    Chapter 2: Theoretical Background
    This chapter introduces the detailed related technologies which used to accomplish this system including the Web application, iOS application and Android Application.
    Chapter 3: Analysis and Design
    This chapter shows the diagrams of system and description about designing database, UI, system’s components.
    Chapter 4: Implementation and Testing
    This chapter displays how to deploy our project on Web platform, iOS and Android platform. It also shows the demo of our application.
    Chapter 5: Conclusion and Future Work
    This chapter summarises the achieved result and evaluation of the project. It also ex-plains the limitation in this project and offers the solution that can improve this project in the future.

    Table of Contents
    1 Introduction 1
    1.1 Background and Context 1
    1.2 Scope and Objectives 1
    1.3 Overview of Dissertation 2
    2 Theoretical Background 4
    2.1 Web Service 4
    2.1.1 Introduction 4
    2.1.2 Web Service Methods 5 What is SOAP? 5 What is REST? 5
    2.1.3 JSON 5
    2.2 Web Application and Technologies 6
    2.2.1 Overview Web Application 6
    2.2.2 Java Web Application and Servlet API 6 Servlet API Basics 7 JavaServer Pages 7 Web Application Directory Structure 8
    2.2.3 Google Maps JavaScript API 9 Overview 9 Google Maps Overlays 10 Google Maps JavaScript API for Web 14
    2.3 iOS and Technologies 16
    2.3.1 IOS Overview and History 16 Overview 16
    2.3.2 Interact with Web service by AFNetworking 18 Quick Installation 19 Usage 19 Benefits 20
    2.3.3 The CALayer Class Manages Image 21
    2.4 Android and Technologies 22
    2.4.1 Android Overview 22 Architecture 23 Linux Kernel 23
    2.4.2 Interact with Web service by Google’s library Volley 25 Introduction 25 Benefits 25 How it work? 27 How to use it? 28
    2.5 Finding the Shortest Path Problem and Algorithms 29 Finding shortest path problem 29 Algorithms 30 A* Algorithm 34
    3 Analysis and Design 39
    3.1 Analysis 39
    3.1.1 Use Case Diagram 39 Use Case Diagram of System 39 Use Case Diagram of View the Map 40 Use Case Diagram of View Hall’s Information 41 Use Case Diagram of Search Information 41 Use Case Diagram of Get Location 42 Use Case Diagram of Get Direction 42
    3.1.2 Functional Description 42 View the Map 42 View Hall’s Information 43 Search Information 43 Get Location 44 Get Direction 44 Search the Hall’s Information and Room’s Information 45
    3.2 Design 45
    3.2.1 Design Class Diagram 45
    3.2.2 Sequence Diagram 46 Sequence Diagram for Mobile Application 46 Sequence Diagram for Web Application 51
    3.2.3 Design Component Diagram 55
    3.2.4 Design Database 56
    3.3 Algorithms 59
    3.3.1 Drawing Map 59 Analysis 59 Drawing Map 60
    3.3.2 Mapping Longitude and Latitude on a Map 63
    3.3.3 Getting Direction 67 Problems 67 Specify Main Points System 68 Use A* to Get Shortest Path 68 Conclusion 69
    4 Implementation and Testing 70
    4.1 Web Application 70
    4.1.1 Development environment 70
    4.1.2 Demonstrations 70 View the Map 70 View Hall Information 71 View Room Information 72 Searching 73 Get Direction 74
    4.2 IOS Application 75
    4.2.1 Development environment 75
    4.2.2 Demonstrations 76 View the Map 76 View Hall Information 77 View Room Information 78 Searching 80 Get Direction 82
    4.3 Android Application 83
    4.3.1 Development Environment 83
    4.3.2 Demonstrations 84 View the Map 84 View Hall Information 85 View Room Information 86 Searching 87 Get Direction 88
    5 Conclusion and Future Work 89
    5.1 Summary 89
    5.2 Evaluation 89
    5.3 Future Work 90
    References 92

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