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    THẠC SĨ A Study on Students’ Perceptions of Learning Speaking English at Gia Dinh High school in Ho Chi Minh City

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  6. A Study on Students’ Perceptions of Learning Speaking English at Gia Dinh High school in Ho Chi Minh City


    1.1. Rationale
    More and more countries, including Vietnam, are using English for some specific reasons such as attracting investors, developing the national economy, improving living standards and services, manufacturing better goods for domestic needs or enhancing the educational quality. As a result, teaching English is put into education programs and training from primary schools to universities in Vietnam for meeting different needs in recent society. But teaching English is just teaching in one aspect, for example, teaching grammar. That is a common situation in most high schools in some big cities, including Ho Chi Minh City. English is a language and not similar to Math, Chemistry or Physics, so students must be taught not only grammar but also necessary language skills, for example, speaking skills. But in Vietnam, learning skills is generally considered unnecessary and wasting time. The Vietnamese university entrance examination has not examined speaking, listening skills even writing skills. On the other hand, students who decide to learn English for a long-term are choosing some reputed English centers for their purposes. It seems that students do not have enough time to study speaking English seriously when they are at the school. Few students consider learning English is not compulsory and urgent. Their future would become brighter if they stepped successfully into a reputed university. Furthermore, students would rather spend more time on sciences subjects than social subjects, even they would ignore learning English then. Conversely, students who want to learn English skills do not have many chances to improve their English but totally focus on studying grammar lessons. Hence, because of being lack of time and English skills periods, they would find centers to enhance these necessary skills. It is reasonably believed that there would be various foreign teachers who teach communicative extremely excellent. Learners would also study from the basic pronunciation to advanced speaking levels and apparently have more chances to practice what they learned. Also teachers would correct each student’s mistakes.
    It is thought that most students do not pay much attention to English language even in a dynamic city. A question “How is the students’ perception of learning English in the high school?” has never been answered completely and exactly. The society has continuously developed leading higher demands, including learning English. The study would possibly reflect some small aspects on learning English speaking skill but help general public and professionals change and reform educational policies suitably.
    For that reason, this research is decided to be carried out with the title of “A Study on Students’ Perceptions of Learning Speaking English at Gia Dinh High school in Ho Chi Minh City”. The purpose of the study is to do a survey on students’ attitude toward English speaking skills. Besides, the research would show why students just care about studying English grammar in high school and why they do not care any other aspects of English, for example, speaking skills. Also this research could suggest some ways along with methods to improve the effectiveness of teaching English speaking in the class.
    1.2. The research aims
    Firstly, the aim of research is to have a general view of high school students’ perception on learning speaking English. Although the survey would be performed in only one high school in Ho Chi Minh City, the research’s result was also practical. Moreover, teachers could base on this research to design a newer and better teaching method, especially English speaking subject. As a result, students would also change their perceptions on learning English speaking. Additionally, learning English environment in general would be improved before starting a higher education for students which help them feel more confident when using English for international integration.
    Secondly, the research would help not only Vietnamese teachers but also foreign teachers write numerous books of teaching English methods and other areas. It could be from the basis to the advance for even beginners and proficient people. If books were public, this step would contribute remarkably to all English learners’ perception and learning method in Vietnam. It would change their thinking and change the way they learn English in general and learn speaking English in particular. Moreover, if the plan of teaching speaking English was taught in high schools, there would an official examination testing English skills for Vietnamese students and they would feel more confident when speaking English in the confident way.
    Lastly, the purpose of this research could give a general view of learning speaking English in high schools. Before learning English with full four skills, what did high school students study? What did they prepare? Have they realized that speaking English skill extremely important yet? In addition, this thesis could not research in secondary students because they are beginners and they have recently learned elementary level of English such as grammars, tenses and vocabularies. Students in high school have a higher level. This is also the stage which is considered that students are ready to learn newer and more complicated knowledge and other skills.
    1.3. The significance of research
    English is a popular language in all over the world and it is not the exception in Vietnam. From primary schools to universities, English plays a significant role in teaching and learning. The Vietnamese economy has increasingly developed so it requires qualified human resources. As a result, teaching English is necessary foundation to train talents in particular and employees in general. A number of universities in Vietnam have completely changed their curriculums for students in all sectors by English. This opens a greater door for not only Vietnamese students but also foreign students who want to study in Vietnam. In addition, there would be more investors choosing Vietnam to do business. English language would be a bridge between senior students and enterprises.
    However, in real, when people communicate they would speak and listen, not write or do something else so speaking English is an important key in the conversation. But speaking English is a challenged process which requires learners a series of practices in a long time and unceasing efforts. Designing a suitable curriculum as well as reasonable teaching methods helps learner develop all vital skills besides getting knowledge. Additionally, people who are good at speaking English could use it to learn other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. And when communicating with those natives, they could hone both two languages skills.
    1.4. The research questions
    To find the result of this study, the researcher would clarify these research questions. And the survey would be carried out at a high school in Ho Chi Minh City to have the best result supporting to this research. Students who take part in the survey are 10th, 11th and 12th grades. The questionnaire has 27 questions related to the issue, Perceptions of Learning Speaking English in the high school.
    ã How is the reality of teaching and studying speaking English at Gia Dinh high school?
    ã What is the students’ perception of studying speaking English at Gia Dinh high school?
    ã What are some ways to improve teaching and studying of speaking English skill at Gia Dinh high school?
    In the third research question I will suggest some activities that are suitable to teach in high school environment based on the scale of being necessary assessed by students. Moreover, there would be student’ aspirations for helping them learn speaking English.

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