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    THẠC SĨ understanding consumer behavior for washing machine of sanyo home applicance asia corporation

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  6. understanding consumer behavior for washing machine of sanyo home applicance asia corporation


    ABSTRACT . 10
    1.1. Rationale: . 11
    1.4. Research questions . 13
    2.1 Factors influent customer behaviors 19
    2.2 Consumer choice theory . 23
    2.2.1 Buyer decision processes 23
    2.2.2 Aplication: Cojoint Analysis (CoA) . 25
    2.2.3 Empirical Model for CoA 27
    2.3.4 SLEPT analysis . 28
    3.1 What is Marketing? 29
    3.2 Classifying Marketing . 29
    3. 3 The functions of Marketing 30
    3.3.1 Making the products satisfy to the demands of the market. . 30
    3.3.2 The Distribution 30
    3.3.3 The sale . 31
    3.3.4 The supportive activities 31
    3. 4 SWOT Analysis . 31
    3. 5. Using SWOT analysis to find out the suitable Marketing strategy to increase the market share for washing machine field of SHA. . 33
    4.1 Introducing something about SHA 34
    4.1.1The legal basis 34
    4.1.2 The activities of Sanyo Home Appliances Asia Corporation 35
    4.1.3 The functions, the responsibilities and the relationship between the departments 35
    4.2 The characters about the market, customers, competitors 37
    4.2.1 The market characters . 37
    4.2.2 The customer characteristics of Vietnam . 39
    4.2.3 The Competitors 39
    4.3 Marketing activities of washing machine field at Sanyo Vietnam 41
    4.3.1 The Marketing activities of Sanyo Vietnam . 41
    4.3.2 The agencies system of Sanyo Vietnam . 42
    4.3.3 The after sale services . 42
    4.4 The policies for washing machine field of SHA 43
    4.4.1The product policy 43
    4.4.2 The price policy 44
    4.4.3 The distribution policy . 45
    4.4.4 Advertisement and promotion 46
    5.1.Conclusions . 48
    5.2 Recommendations . 51
    5.2.1 The content of strategy . 52
    5.2.2 Analysing SWOT base on the result of the above table . 53

    After years of market presence in Vietnam, Sanyo washing machines have become a trusted brand name and familiar in Vietnameses life (especially people in urban areas). Under the influence of market economy, globalization trends have great impact on the operation of manufacturing household goods of Sanyo factory in Vietnam, particularly affecting the consumption of washing machines of Sanyo Home Appliances Asia Corporation. Under this context, the overall objective of the study is ti analyze customer behavior for washing machine of Sanyo Home Appliances Asia Corporation, in order to apply maketting mix understanding and other theories of consumer behavior for giving out some best and suitable proposals for Sanyo Home Appliances Asia Corporation to expand the washing machine market share in the next period in Vietnam.
    The data is mainly used as inputs for this thesis are sample questionaires, which gave to consumer at Saigon Nguyen Kim plaza and Pico plaza, make interview with sale managers, data on GSO (General statistic), Sanyo website and its competitors.
    Base on the theories of consumer behavior as: Maketting mix and SWOT analysis and other theories to describe and analyze consumption patterns, attribute preference, impact factors and market segmentation of Sanyo washing machine in Vietnamese maket. Following this result, the study obtains findings as:
    From 1997 to late months of 2006 Sanyo Home Appliances Asia Corporation doing business very well, but from the early months in 2007 to now, the washing machine market share of SHA is decreasing in Vietnam, in 2006 is 40% but in 2007 decreasing at 38% and 2008 is at 35% (Although It was voted top brand in 2009). Only from year 2006 to 2008 the washing machine market share of SHA decrease 5%, this is issue the board of directors of Sanyo Home Appliances Asia Corporation are very worried and embarrassing to find correct steps for SHA.
    SHA leadership has too much japaneses, only 6 employees in charge of the washing machine sector - lack of concentration of market research and launching sales campaigns, the strategies to attract customers from competitors. Beside it, SHA is depending too much on the four units – level one agents: 266 agents for a Trade and Service Company, Huong Thuy Company Ltd., the era of the Pacific Trade and Service Company, Trade and Thanh Nha Service Company.
    After reviewing the spending habits of Vietnamese, washing machine features available on the Vietnamese market, which is made by competitors, in order to find its strengths and weaknesses based on the elements of the Marketing mix theory ( 4P) shows: Sanyo are not only afraid of these kinds of competitors as: LG vina, Samsung, Hitachi ., but also the SHA need to pay attention to the products imitated the label such as: Sankyo (imitated from Logo of Sanyo) Sonica (imitated from Sony). It has bad influences to SHA because it will be misunderstood by the people have the low knowledge.
    The obtained sides
    - About scale of market: nowadays it has been present almost the cities and areas of Vietnam such as: Hanoi, Hai Phong, Danang, Nam Dinh, Can Tho, Binh Duong .besides, the warranty and maintenance centres also have been expanded throughout Vietnam, satisfy immediately whenever the customers’ machines have problem.
    - About market share: In Vietnam, Sanyo has occupied over 40% the market share in 2006 for the home appliances washing machine field ( 14source from internal report of SHA). Having the good result due to the a lot of factors, in there, the quality of product has been believed by the customers, the price is acceptable, the after sale services are good (warranty and maintenance).
    The limited sides
    - About market share: Only from year 2006 to 2008 the washing machine market share of SHA decrease 5%. For some reasons may be: Not establish the Marketing department separated yet (The Marketing activities depend quite on 4 companies); Not yet investing so much for advertising and financing for the big programes; Staff level; The price is not suitable
    In the period 2008-2010 SHA needs to have suitable policies to expand Vietnam market as follows:
    + Establishing the Marketing department immediately and organizing the personnel in there suitably and the most effective.
    + Decreasing the dependence on 4 companies by increasing the agency system, warranty and maintenance centres over Vietnam’ domain, especially is the big cities.
    + Increasing the product advertisements suitably on the mass media such as: newspaper, magazine of consumer, radio, TV. However, the expense is very expensive but the effect is very big.
    + Need to invest finance for big programmes such as children programmes, educational programmes, entertainment programmes (especially housework programmes on television).
    + Adjusting or changing the personnel for Sale department where not having the professional staff about business knowledge.
    + Changing the salary structure suitably, should have favour policies with staff dedicate so much for company.
    + In addition, the board of directors should care for circumstances and mentality of staff, visit them when they are sick or have problem about their mind.

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