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    Bài tập tiếng anh 11 - học kì 2 (chương trình chuẩn)

    VipKòi Xinh Kòi Xinh Đang Ngoại tuyến (182507 tài liệu)
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  6. Bài tập tiếng anh 11 - học kì 2 (chương trình chuẩn)

    Đây là hệ thống Bài tập bám sát vào nội dung sách giáo khoa Tiếng anh 11 - chương trình chuẩn từ Unit 9-12, Unit 13-16 định dạng Microsoft Office Word (có đáp án), giúp giáo viên và học sinh rất dễ dàng sử dụng và copy.
    Cấu trúc của tài liệu gồm Bài tập trắc nghiệm cho các nội dung sau: Phonetics, Vocabulary, Speaking, Writing (Error, Transformation, Building, and Matching) và Reading (2 Questions and 2 Gaps cho mỗi Unit)
    Tổng cộng khoảng 600 câu.

    A.Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.
    1. A. facsimile B. transfer C. spacious D. fax
    2. A. ready B. friend C. telephone D. speedy
    3. A. subscribe B. facsimile C. pride D. provide
    4. A. spacious B. courteous C. document D. technology
    5. A. commune B. security C. punctuality D. distribute

    1. The staff of the hotel are always friendly and courteous.
    A. efficient B. polite C. helpful D. perfect
    2. Newspapers and magazines are often delivered early in the morning.
    A. offered B. given C. provided D.distributed
    3.We are proud of our staff, who are always friendly and efficient .
    A. well-done B. well-apponted C. well-behaved D. well- trained
    4. Many organizations have been set up and funds have been raised.
    A. established B. collapsed C. delayed D. decreased
    5. Laws have been introduced to prohibit the killing of endangered animals.
    A. advised B. decreased C. ban D. encouraged

    1. She had been assisted by a stranger her motor and drove her to safety.
    A. who started B. whom starting C. starting D. that will start
    2. With our senses , we perceive everything .
    A. is around us B. that is around us C. whom is around us D. whose is around us
    3.The volunteers , enthusiasm was obvious , finished the work quickly
    A. who B. whom C . whose D. that
    4. The musicians yesterday have played together for many years .
    A. to who we listened B. who we listened to
    C. to that we listened D. to whom we listened
    5. Many scientist have claimed that .like music are often good at Maths.
    A. children B. children who C. children whom D. whose children

    1. Linda: “Excuse me! Where’s the post office?” - Maria:” .”
    A. It’s over there B. Don’t worry C. I’m afraid of D. Yes. I think so

    2. A:” I’m Charles Archer , from Continental Computers. How do you do ?”
    B: “ .?”
    A. How are you B. How do you do
    C. Pleased to meet you D. B & C correct
    3. A: “Good bye. Have a nice weekend” – B: “ .!”
    A. Excuse me B. Nice to meet you C. I’m sorry D. The same to you
    4. A: “Thank you for helping me!” - B. “ ”
    A. Thanks B. Goodbye C. You’re welcome D. It’s nice to meet you
    5. A: “Hello. My name is Thu .Nice to meet you.”
    B: “Hello. . Pleased to meet you.”
    A. That’s fine. B. Really? C. Good D. I’m Susan .

    1. One of the most influence newspapers in the US is the New York Times, which is widely distributed
    A B C D
    throughout the world.

    2. Van Cliburn who studied piano from 1951 to 1954 and won multiple awards between 1958 and 1960.
    A B C D
    3. Dr Harder, that is the professor for this class, will be absent this week because of illness.
    A B C D
    4. The man, of whom the red car is parked in front of our house, is a prominent physician in this town.
    A B C D
    5. It is right that politicians should make important decisions without consulting the public to who they
    A B C D
    are accountable?

    I- Choose the word among A, B, C, D that best fits the blank in the following passage:
    The telephone was invented in the1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, a Scotsman (1)----- became a US citizen. The word “telephone” had been in existence since the 1830s and had been (2) ------ to a number of inventions designed to produce sounds.
    Bell had become interested in the possibility of long- distance speech through his work with the deaf. He was twenty- eight and his assistant, Thomas Watson, was (3)------ twenty- one when they (4)------ their great success on 10th March 1876. Despite their long and close association, Bell’s first (5) ------ by telephone was not “ Tom, come here, I want you”, but “ Mr. Watson, come here, I want you”
    1. A- where B- which C- who D- whose
    2. A- joined B- named C- employed D- applied
    3. A- quite B- just C- simply D- lately
    4. A- achieved B- managed C- succeeded D- fulfilled
    5. A- communicate B- communicative C- communication D- communicatively

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