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    giáo án tiếng anh 7- trọn bộ

    VipKòi Xinh Kòi Xinh Đang Ngoại tuyến (182507 tài liệu)
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    S2:It was wonderful
    *Guessing Game:
    “Last vacation I was in .”
    S1:Were you in (name of place) .
    S2:Yes, I was./No, I wasn’t
    “Last vacation I bought a lot of (things)
    S1[IMG] l21bKAAAAA1BMVEXh5PJm+yKVAAAAAXRSTlMAQObYZgAAAApJR EFUCNdjYAAAAAIAAeIhvDMAAAAASUVORK5CYII=" class="mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie8" alt=":D" title="Big Grin :D">id you buy .?
    S2:Yes, I did./No, I didn’t.
    * Write it up.
    Have Ss write about their last vacations, beginning with:
    Last summer, I went to .
    Eliciting questions:
    - Where did you go last summer?
    - What places did you visit?
    - How was the trip?
    - How long were you there?
    - Did you buy any souvenirs? / take any photos?
    - How did you feel after the trip?

    -Learn by heart the new words
    -Learn by heart the past form of the verb “to be” and some verbs.
    -Prepare the next lesson.

    Period: 56
    Unit 9-At home and away
    Lesson 2:A2

    I/The aims of the lesson:
    -To help students read and understand the text about The Robinsons’ vacation
    -To help them practice Wh-Questions in the past simple tense.
    -Main skill: reading
    -Other skills: writing, listening, speaking
    II/The objective of the lessons:
    -By the end of the lesson , students will be able to understand the text about The Robinsons’ vacation .They will have chance to practice Wh-Questions in the past simple tense.
    III/Teaching aids: Text book, posters, pictures, cassette,
    1)Check up:
    *Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb “to be”: am /is /are /was /were.
    1.The homework very difficult yesterday.
    2.The children in the park five minutes ago.
    3.Nha Trang .a very beautiful place.
    4.I late for school yesterday.
    5.Where .she yesterday?-She at home.
    6.We tired today.We .at the party last night.
    7.She unhappy because she doesn’t have any friends in the city.
    8 you at home yesterday morning?
    Answer key:
    1.was 5.was/was
    2.were 6.are/were
    3.is 7.is
    4.was 8.Were

    2)Warm up:
    go have talk take buy
    went had talked took bought

    -Ask students to work in teams to turn the cards to find the correct pairs of verbs (inf-past)
    3)Preteach vocabulary.
    ã a shark : c¸ mËp ( picture)
    ã a dolphin : c¸ heo ( picture)
    ã a turtle : con rïa biÓn ( picture)
    ã a crab : con cua (picture)
    ã a cap : mò l­ìi trai ( realia)
    ã an exit : lèi ra ( translation)
    Check: R-O-R
    *True / False statements:
    a. Liz went to Tri Nguyen aquarium with her family.
    b. They saw many different kinds of fish there.
    c. Mrs Robinson bought Liz a cap .
    d. The cap has the picture of a shark on it.
    e. The Robinsons went to a food stall for dinner.
    f. Liz ate fish and crab.
    - Have Ss read the statements carefully and predict if they are T or F.
    -Give feedback
    5)While- reading
    *Reading and checking.
    - Get Ss to read the text silently and correct their prediction.
    - feedback Ss' answers.
    - Have them correct the false sentences.
    Key: 1. T
    2. T
    3. F : Mrs Robinson => Mr Robinson
    4. F : shark => dolphin
    5. F : dinner => lunch
    6. F : crab and fish => noodles instead
    * Comprehension questions. (page 88)
    - Let Ss read the text again to find the As for the Qs
    - Have them play "LN game" to check.
    Key: a. Liz' s parents went to Tri Nguyen aquarium
    with her.
    b. They saw sharks, dolphins, turtles and many beautiful types of fish there.
    c. They bought a cap for Liz and a poster for their family.
    d. Yes, she did. She wore the cap all day.
    e. Yes, they did. They ate crabs and fish for lunch.
    f. Because she remembered the beautiful fish at the aquarium.

    *Picture story (A2-P.88)
    - Hang 5 pictures of A2 on the board.
    - Get the Ss to look at the pictures and answer some
    T 's eliciting questions in order to retell the story.

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