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    LUẬN VĂN A study on the logical errors made by third-years english majors at haiphong private university

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  6. A study on the logical errors made by third-years english majors at haiphong private university

    Khóa luận tốt nghiệp
    Đề tài: A study on errors made by third-year English major at HPU in writing argumentative essays

    List of figures, tables and abbreviations
    I. Rationale 1
    II. Ams and objectives . 1
    III. Scope of the study . 2
    IV. Method of the study 2
    V. Design of the study . 3
    I. Argument . 4
    I.1. Definition of argument . 4
    I.2. Components of an argument . 5
    I.3. Types of argument 7
    I.4. A good argument 9
    II. Logical errors . 11
    II.1. Definitions . 11
    II.2. Classification . 12
    III. Argumentative essays 14
    III.1. Thesis statement . 14
    III.2. Argumentation . 15
    IV. Summary . 17
    I. Participants . 18
    II. Data collection instruments 18
    III. Procedures of data collection 19
    IV. Procedures of data analysis . 21
    V. Summary 22
    I. Statistics of errors 23
    II. Error identification and the suggested solutions 25
    II.1. Irrelevant reasons 25
    II.2. Hasty generalization 27
    II.3. Wrong inference 32
    II.4. Circular reasoning . 34
    II.5. Wrong premise 37
    II.6. Wrong conclusion . 41
    III. Summary . 43
    I. Summary of the findings 45
    II. Limitations 45
    III. Suggestions for further research . 46

    Arguing is a valuable competence that reveals a man’s intellectuality;
    therefore, argumentative writing has been effectively applied into the syllabus
    of many language universities. However, in fact, how to make a good
    argumentative essay is really not easy to students. As a result, an investigation
    into errors seems to be extremely significant. This paper, conducted to partly
    improve the situation, is specificially aimed at figuring out the mistakes which
    third year English Majors at Hai Phong Private University often commit and
    their reasoning errors; thereby, the further step of proposing some ways to
    decrease students’ errors can be done. To lay the theoretical foundation for
    the paper, I did exhaustive research into literature with a range of relevant
    works to provide readers with basics definitions of argument, logical errors
    and argumentative essay respectively. Moreover, the main methodology
    exploited by researcher is qualitative with the collection and in -depth analysis
    of argumentative writing pieces of 83 students, interviews conducted among
    10 participants and questionnaires given to 33 students. Besides, the
    quantitative method was taken advantage of in a rational way to produce
    detailed statistics for the concrete demonstration of the findings. Results from
    this research showed that the student made 6 informal mistakes. With the
    findings, some suggestions were made; in particular, the facilitation of
    activities to develop logical thinking and arguing ability; the increased
    frequency of practice on argument in general and persuasive writing in
    particular; more assignments to enhance students’ language competence .

    I. Rationale
    Since the early age, arguing competence was treasure by humans with the
    development of rhetoric into an art and has retained people’s high
    appreciation esspecially in academic fields. For this reason, the ability to
    argue has always been regarded as invaluable reasoning tool (Barnwell &
    Dees, 1996) and argumentative writings have been integrated into the syllabus
    of educational institutions in general and institutions of language in particular
    as a way to practice and enhance students’ language skill. The quality of such
    works can be identified through the absence of “errors” students make.
    With personal experience, observation and discussion with some
    teachers as well as students from English Major – Hai Phong Private
    University (EM – HPU), the researcher has realized that logical errors are
    very common among learners and account for one of the leading factors
    weakening their arguments and hence decreasing the effectiveness of their
    writings. Moreover, there has been a big number of research papers on
    students’ mistakes in writing skill; however, almost those papers have just
    focused on grammatical, collocation or wording mi stakes. There have been
    few studies directly digging the topic of logical errors. For these reasons, the
    researcher decided to make an investigation into errors made by third- year
    English Majors at Hai Phong Private University in argumentative writings”.
    II. Aims and objectives
    Carrying out this research, the researcher aims at :
     Providing the background knowledge of essay writing competences,
    especially in argumentative essays for all students in general and
    English Major students in particular.
     Figuring out the most common errors students often make in their
    writings; concurently, preliminarily analyzing the causes of those
    errors, which play an active role in helping students avoid reasoning
    errors making.
     Reinforcing and enhancing the students’ argumentative competence
    seem to be a more far-reaching goal of the researcher.
    Hopefully, this study can provide readers with overall comprehension
    about argumentative essay. The research results would be really helpful to
    different groups so they can base on the findings and suggestions to choose as
    well as design activities for the writing program in a direction.
    III. Scope of the study
    Regarding to the the researching scope, essay writing is rather huge and
    complicated. Consequently, it requires to be taken into consideration carefully
    in a very long time by the researchers. However, due to my limitation of time
    and knowledge, the researcher could not cover all the aspect of this theme.
    This study only concentrates on the analysis of errors made by third-year
    English Majors and the reasoning errors are just restricted to the ones within
    an argument.
    IV. Method of the study
    This paper is carried out with the significant support from some tools
    including the questionnaires, interviews and students’ writing papers; and
    each of them is conducted with its own direction.
    First of all, the interviews is going to be done among 1 0 third-year
    English Majors at Hai Phong Private University with the questions
    surrounding the thesis. Next, the researcher distributes questionnaires to 33
    students belong to class namely NA1001 for their answers. The last study
    method is to analyze students’ writing papers coming from 4 groups NA1001,
    NA1002, NA1003, NA1004 with the aim of recognizing as well as classifying
    the errors exactly. From which, the third method is considered as the most
    effective ones.
    V. Design of the study
    The study is divided into three main parts; in which the second,
    naturally, is the most important part.
     Part I is the introduction in which rationales, aims and objectives,
    scope of the study, method of the study and design of the study are
    presented respectively.
     Part II is the development that includes three small chapters:
    Firstly is literature review chapter which focuses on presenting the
    argument with its definition, components and classification;
    concurrently, giving the theoretical background of an argumentative
    essay through the thesis statement and argumentation as well as the
    lofical errors in essay writing.
    Seconly is chapter of methodology. In which, the researcher is going
    to draw up very clearly procedures for a study starting from
    participants, data collection instrument to procedures of data collection
    and data analysis.
    Lastly, in the results and discussion chapter, a list of errors and
    reasoning errors is identified by the researcher. From then, there will be
    suggested solutions to minimize these errors.
     Part III is the conclusion which include main findings, the limitations
    of the thesis and suggestions for further research.

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